Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/9/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 15/9/12

Quote 4the day: Somebody loves you and that love has no limits, they listen and don't judge and take all that you throw... that someone just wants the same back... horses love us and respect us so its the least we can do..
Fact 4the day: Kaimanawa horses are a population of feral horses in New Zealand that are descended from domestic horses released in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are known for their hardiness and quiet temperament. The New Zealand government strictly controls the population to protect the habitat in which they live, which includes several endangered species of plants. The varying heritage give...s the breed a wide range of heights, body patterns and colours. They are usually well-muscled, sure-footed and tough.

Horses were first reported in the Kaimanawa Range in 1876, although the first horses had been brought into New Zealand in 1814. The feral herds grew as horses escaped and were released from sheep stations and cavalry bases. Members of the herd were recaptured by locals for use as riding horses, as well as being caught for their meat, hair and hides. The herd declined as large scale farming and forestry operations encroached on their ranges, and only around 174 horses were known to exist by 1979. The Kaimanawa herd was protected by the New Zealand government in 1981, and there were 1,576 horses in the herd by 1994. A small, mostly unmanaged population also exists on the Aupouri Peninsula at the northern tip of the North Island. Roundups have been carried out annually since 1993 to manage the size of the herd, removing around 2,800 horses altogether. The Kaimanawa population is listed as a herd of special genetic value by the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization, and several studies have been conducted on the herd dynamics and habits of the breed.
Thought 4the day: Ever felt like eyes have been watching you but noone is there? Ever seen something out the corner of your eye but your not sure? Seen a horse or heard a horse and yet still your not sure? Signs are sent to let us know whats going on or going to happen or the ones we have lost are visiting us just checking in and making sure your ok. I had a weird experiance nearly 2 weeks ago now... where i was standing talking to Mandi (who was in the stable rubbing betty) and Fi who was outside talking to me. I saw a horse a palomino horse at that gallop across the field full pelt to the top gate. I ran to the gate to make sure it had stopped yet noone was there and thinking about it only sky and brian were in the field and neither is a palomino! pauline got a call in the week that followed about one needing our help as been lame for 2 years on and off and home life had changed. He came in on the 11th his name is Jester. This am i have mandi seeing him so i know his real!!! lol listen and learn and above all don't be scared.
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