Thought, fact and quote for the day 16/9/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 16/9/12

Thought 4the day: Yesterday watching Mandi showed me again one how horses can change but two how they are so different from each other and each one needs a different approach in how to deal with certain issues. Puzzle and Murphy need to know how to load in the trailer in a nice easy fashion so they can go to a field which is being donatated for a few weeks by some great people. Loading is an issue... but in true style yesterday Puzzle ended up eating her bucket feet in the trailer lol once in not even tied up or ramp up she happily stood and ate and waited. A mare who used to attack yesterday did her best to avoid me and ended up recieving a bite from Moni just so as not to hit me bless her. They can all change. Its just time. Time is the key and understanding them the lock....
Fact 4the day: Kiger Mustang is substrain of Mustang horse located in the southeastern part of U.S. state of Oregon. Originally feral horses with specific conformation traits discovered in 1977, the name also applies to their bred-in-captivity progeny. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers two herd management areas for Kiger Mustangs in the Burns District—Kiger and Riddle Mountain, in th...e Steens Mountain area.

Discovery of the breed was the result of a BLM Mustang roundup in the Beatys Butte area in Harney County. During the roundup, it was noticed that among the horses collected from the area, there was a group with similar color and markings. DNA testing by the University of Kentucky showed close relation to the Spanish horses brought to the Americas in the 17th century. These distinct horses were separated from the other horses and the BLM placed two groups in separate areas to preserve the breed. Seven horses were placed in Riddle Mountain and twenty in Kiger.

The Kiger Mustang is considered to have bred true for generations to a certain type. Many of today's Kiger Mustangs can be traced back to a single stallion named Mesteño.

The artist's model for the title horse of the animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a Kiger Mustang named Donner, also known as "Spirit", who lives at the Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary
Quote 4the day: Change can happen if we change ourselves at the same time to welcome the change..
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