Thought, fact and quote for the day 20/9/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 20/9/12

Quote 4the day: Nothing is as straight forward in life as your horse. They don't come with second guesses just as long as you can hear them...
Fact 4the day: The Pottok or Pottoka ( /ˈpɒtəkᵊ/ or /pəˈtjɒkᵊ/, Basque: pottoka [poˈcoka]), is an endangered, semi-feral breed of pony native to the Pyrenees of the Basque Country in France and Spain.
It is considered an ancient breed of horse, particularly well adapted to the harsh mountain areas it traditionally inhabits.
Once common, it is endangered through habitat loss, mechanization and cros...sbreeding but efforts are increasingly made to safeguard the future of this breed. It is considered iconic by the Basque people.

Pottoka is the Basque language name for this horse, both north and south of the mountains. In Upper Navarrese, potto and pottoka are generic terms for colts and young horses whereas in Lapurdian and Lower Navarrese the meaning of pottoka is "pony". Ultimately the name is linked to words such as pottolo "chubby, tubby".
In French sources, the spelling Pottok predominates. In English, both Pottoka and Pottok are encountered but the term term Basque Pony can occasionally also be encountered.
Thought 4the day: How many of us here people blame there horse at venues if something has gone wrong? How many of us have seen people take a whip or spurs to their horse if and when they get angry as they blame their horse for whatever went wrong? I see my own boys as a partnership. 50/50. If something went wrong and trust me it has its not their fault its my own as i must not of asked or seen wha...t ever it was in the same way they did or perhaps i didn't feel what they felt at the time. Henry i have had for 6 years and i can feel and sense him as if his my extention and we ride as one i only have to think not even ask and off we go to do whatever it is we are doing at that moment in time. My other big boy i didn't listen to once or i feel i wasn't quite connected and i suffered for it. My fault not his. Now i can see and feel more with him and i can sense him which i am learning still with him but as someone once said to me if you fail just fail better next time til you get it right. Never blame your friend after all its a partnership...
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