Thought, fact and quote for the day 23/9/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 23/9/12

Thought 4the day: Listen to your horse and not your own self and make sure you hear all that they need and want and might have difficulty with. There is no such thing as a bad horse its just a misunderstood horse...
Fact 4the day: Barefoot Trim
The difference between a traditional farrier trim and a barefoot trim:
Traditional Farrier Pasture Trim
*Leaves the hoof flat, as if to nail a shoe onto it. Quarters same length as rest of hoof, which can lead to quarter cracks.
*Rasps the sole at the toe, thinning the sole right below the tip of the pedal bone
*Heels often left high, resulting in internal structu...res tilting forward
*Often results in horse landing toe first which causes ongoing problems which can lead to navicular
*Wall edges are left square and flares normally left intact
*Toe often left too long, resulting in improper breakover and the potential for tendon and ligament damage and mechanical laminitis.

Physiological Barefoot Trim
*Scoops the quarters by using the sole as a guiding landmark, allowing for proper hoof mechanism
*Leaves the sole in the toe area alone, to maximise protection of the pedal bone
*Heels are trimmed so that pedal bone is 3 to 5 degrees from ground parallel
*Encourages the horse to land correctly, heel-first
*Edges of wall bevelled around most of the hoof, supporting hoof integrity and reducing cracks and chips
*Toe is backed up, allowing for correct break-over and alignment of the leg bones.

Now we use both. We have been using a barefoot trimmer on horses that really need it for medical reasons. Henry has had concussion on and off for 2 years now sound.. danny has ocd and its helping him to move freely... Jester came in being unsound on and off for two years with tendon issues and is mkaing great progress. his only allowed to be walked with a light weight rider but in about 6 months plus he should make a happy hacker... bambi lame with shoulder issues now spends most her days sound.. i could go on!!
Quote 4the day: Horses are not like buses a best friend does not arrive in a four legged version every 5 minutes their a rare find and once found a keeper..
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