Thought, fact and quote for the day 27/9/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 27/9/12

Quote 4the day: life is never what you think it might be so make it how you want it to be more so with your four legged friend as all they want is patiance and understanding!
Fact 4the day: What are the benefits of a horse being barefoot?
With the proper barefoot trim horses can actually live longer, healthier lives. A great many problems that appear to be from aging (stiffness, arthritis, grumpiness, etc.) are actually caused by poor hoof health - be it due to shoeing, poor trimming, or neglect. Conditions such as Navicular are not only curable by going barefoot, but... will most likely not even occur if the barefoot lifestyle is started early.
Not only the horse's health is affected - the following is a partial list of the benefits of barefoot:
There is less chance of missing out on a ride or competition due to shoe loss. There are no shoes to lose!
Injuries from kicks (to horses and people) are much less severe when horses are not wearing shoes. Think of shoes as brass knuckles.
Horses have better traction (especially on concrete and asphalt) without shoes on.
What goes on inside the hoof during motion is important to the circulation of blood in the horse. It has been proven that shoes reduce that circulation. A natural barefoot horse has warm legs (the same temperature as the rest of the body). A shod horse will have cold legs. A clear sign of impaired circulation.
Trimming is cheaper than shoes. Cost of shoes at 8 week intervals is a minimum of $600 and probably a good bit more. Cost of trimming your horse every 6 weeks at $40 is $360.

Why is my horse ouchy on rocks and gravel?
Being ouchy is a sign that the internal structures of the hoof are not healthy. Most commonly the horse will toe walk on those surfaces, indicating heel pain. The origin of that heel pain is frequently the digital cushion and lateral cartilages. Years of neglect or shoeing - and even lack of exercise - cause the digital cushion and lateral cartilages to lose mass and become weak. When that happens, as the horse puts weight on the back part of the foot, there is not enough support and they will feel pain. This is similar to you walking barefoot on gravel when you don't normally do it.Over time, with sufficient exercise, the digital cushion and lateral cartilages rehabilitate and grow strong and tough. Just as your feet will callous and become tough if you go barefoot regularly.

How long will it take for the digital cushion/lateral cartilages to rehabilitate?
It depends. There is no hard and fast rule. It depends on the individual horse - and even the individual feet on each horse. On how weak the digital cushion is, and on how much exercise the horse gets. The more the better. But keep the horse comfortable. While the digital cushion is weak ride in boots when the terrain warrants it.
Thought 4the day: If things in life were straight forward in our day to day travels we would get bored and start to complain. After all we complain when its too hot, we complain when its raining and we complain when it snows or is too cold! So i hear people complain about their horses and ponies saying how they don't do this or i can't catch it or he strikes out when bored or many other things. Be...n has been a learning curve. His gone from a horse on high alert to one thats chilled. He didn't like anyone in his stable and now we muck out around him even rake under and around his feet lol He was anxious and ran about the first time out and now he can spend all day and night our grazing. He has started ground work but with the weather not been ridden which is his next step. He only wants understanding and to be treated as an equal. It makes you realise that horses and ponies are very much like us and just want to be treated with respect, loved unconditionally, never hurt physically or mentally.. i could go on. Lets be there for them and then they will be there for us.... don't live in the past or their past live in the now and tomorrow and let whats happened be as that can drag you both down..
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