Thought, fact and quote for the day 1/10/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 1/10/12

Quote 4the day: hold on tight and i know your horse will hold you tighter..
Fact 4the day: A color breed refers to groupings of horses whose registration is based primarily on their coat color, regardless of the horse's actual breed or breed type.

Some color breeds only register horses with a desired coat color if they also meet specific pedigree criteria, others register animals based solely on color, regardless of parentage. A few pedigree-based color breeds, confront...ed with the reality of many animals born without the proper color even though they are from two registered parents, have modified their rules to allow registration of animals with the proper pedigree even if they do not possess the proper color.

Many horse breeds, such as American Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses and American Saddlebreds include individuals of the palomino color, as well as a wide variety of other colors. However, a color breed registry, such as the Palomino Horse Breeders Association (PHBA) , accepts only palomino (or palomino-looking) horses—regardless of their particular breeds. Thus, Palominos can be considered a color breed. Another example is the pinto horse color. Horses of many breeds can be registered as Pinto if it they have the correct spotting pattern. White horses also once had their own color registry that included cremello horses, but not grays.

Many horses eligible for registration with their own breed registry and are of a particular color are often "double registered" with both organizations, often increasing their sale value by doing so. With stallions, double registration may also increase their breeding value by widening the set of interested mare owners.
Thought 4the day: Yesterday we had our first ridden assessment on Ben who was a super star bless him. We wanted to start last weekend but the weather was against us!!! He was relaxed and calm when being tacked up that i actually let my 11 year old put his saddle on and bridle! He is a tad ticklish but then who isn't! Baring in mind he has been stabled since last weekend he never 'fizzed' up or 'te...nsed up' he just walked about the yard as if he had done it befpre. Now it could of been different being his a sharp young man as he feeds off of his riders vibes and any nervousness would of been high alert state again. We need to learn from all the horses and ponies that come in how they tick and what they need. Some take longer then others as they just need to settle first. Never rush them as only when you rush will you head for that fall... just take your time :o) Harmonie will be tacking him up again next weekend as his now being left to think about all that he learnt yesterday :o)
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