Thought, fact and quote for the day 3/10/12
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Thought, fact and quote for the day 3/10/12

Quote 4the day: Natural is better then man made.... horses are natural creatures and natural they should always be.. forget gadgets and just ask them what they need..
Fact 4the day: Color patterns and genetics of pinto horses

There are a number of words used to describe the typical color and spotting patterns of pinto horses. Essentially, a pinto horse is genetically created when an allele for a spotting pattern is present. The genes that create the underlying base coat color are not related to the genes that create white spotting. The precise mechanisms that... create spotting are not all fully understood, but those that are known often have human parallels, such as piebaldism. What horse terminology describes as "pinto" or "coloured" has been called leucism or "partial albinism" by pigment researchers. Common terms for describing different types of pinto horses include:

**Piebald: (term more commonly used in nations using British English). Any pinto pattern on a black base coat, thus a black-and-white spotted horse.
**Skewbald: (term more commonly used in nations using British English). Any pinto pattern on any base coat other than black. As chestnut and bay are the most common base coat colors, skewbalds are most often chestnut and white or bay and white. At one time, the term may have applied more specifically to brown-looking pinto horses, but today it encompasses any color other than black.
**Coloured: The term for pinto coloration in nations using British English, including both piebald and skewbald.
**Tricolored or Tricoloured: a term for horse with three colors (usually bay and white), in nations using British English. It is usually incorporated into the term skewbald.
Thought 4the day: I saw some beautiful pictures this am from the The Free Spirit Ponies. The way the horses are natural is wonderful and breath taking. We should all take a leaf out of there book and simply let horses be horses. There are a few exceptions to the rule i know as i have one that only likes out for a few hours!. The herd dynamics though of those ponies is exceptional. Sometimes horses simply need to be horses and not worry about anything else...
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