2012's final numbers..
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2012's final numbers..

Its been one long year for 2012. I sat and worked out numbers last night as i knew it had been a busy year but had no idea how busy til i did this! Here goes:
58 horses and ponies came through the gates.
49 horses and ponies were rehomed.
7 went to rainbow bridge from the yard.
4 left to rainbow bridge in the homes that they had found but at least they had been loved and well cared for and repsected.
We still had 40 horses in at the yard.
Already even though only the 11th of Jan in 2013 we have rehomed 3 and have 4 more due to leave within the next 2 weeks. One is due to come in and 3 are coming home as finanical matters are sending them back but i am positive they will find homes quickly. One already has someone interested so thats a bonus. 
All the horses and ponies here are different in many ways but worth getting to know and spending time with. Each has a quality about them that draws you in and makes you take a step back and think wow did they really do that? There unique. Perfection to us. Some are a clean slate after a while just waiting for the right person to come along and fill the next chapter in to their lives.
Please remember don't buy a horse on a whim they are like children and they need to be a 24 hour 7 days a week commitment.
Thank you for reading this.
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