Some thoughts and quotes for the day 11/1/13
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Some thoughts and quotes for the day 11/1/13

Thought 4the day: nastiness or just playfulness.. Sometimes horses andponies are simply playful and it can be mistaken for being nasty or angry. Yesat times horses can be those as it depends on their past and what's happened tothem. The playful side though should be nurtured. We have one gelding who wouldhappily nick you hat or anything from your pockets!! What's your horses playfulside?
Quote 4the day: fair weather or any weather our 4 legged friend is alwaysthere for us... So let's do the same back...
Thought 4the day: we all seem to ride so much more in the spring, summerand autumn months. Winter is so dark and time short that unless you have a litindoor or outdoor school its virtually impossible! Still we should always maketime for the simpler things. A brush just to touch and scratch those places isa good bonding session. The winter months may make other things harder butnever that
Quote 4the day: some things may cause them to spook other things we thinkwill simply doesn't... Remember they see things differently to us..
Thought 4the day: have you ever noticed when your not happy or something isbothering you your horse can either lend moral support or walk away? Their alldifferent. When you get that bond 90 percent will lean on you and support youbut the odd few still just think you should man up! Don't let things get to youafter all do horses? No they live in the now only we can make them relive thepast so let's all move on..
Quote 4the day: a mirror is what you get and will see. You can never hideanything from your four legged friends so why try? Just be true and they willbe too..
Thought 4the day: let a horse be a horse.. Horses will bond with the rightpeople and will walk thru fire and do anything that's asked. Others are tooscared to let those walls down and it takes time to peel away those layers. Ahorse needs to have time to be a horse. To graze to wonder to relax to be free.Cherish them love them and let them grow into the best they can be and want tobe at that time. Never rush...
Quote 4the day: Be true to you be true to your horse..
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