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Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary - Giving horses/ponies a second chance..
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Some who have had that second chance...

Please welcome Gizmo

Please welcome Gizmo to our folds. We were contacted by his owner as she did not want to sell him encase he went into the wrong hands. He is a lovely boy but can be a little naughty when his ridden to the point he spins and bolts until he has lost his rider. He is going to be wintered off work and slowly brought back in in the spring if not sent to a friend of ours to help him get over this. Here is a pic of him :o)


We are hopefully not jinxing ourselves now! Surprise is a beautiful anglo arab mare who is 27 years young. She came to us only a few days ago in such a poor state that we were not sure she would make the night as the way home she was unsteady on her hooves. As soon as we got her back we unloaded her and took her rug off. This is what we found.
As you can see shes not upto weight. We are not the type to sit back and just say oh well shes hear now we needed to know more so we got her passport and rung her last owner on there. What a shock! The lady had owned her for 9 years and thru personal circumstance had to let her friend go after 9 years. She was very shocked to hear from us! Like you we shall be keeping all posted on her road to recovery.


Postie is a thoroughbred mare who is 18 years old and is an ex race horse/broodmare. She had a few foals and decided that she no longer wanted anymore because of this she was advertised for sale but being she was an older horse noone would buy her. She then came to us. We were told that she had an abcess on her cheek but its turned out to be a tumour. She is a gorgeous mare even with Norman (the tumour) on her face. Shes so laid back and loves attention. If only she could talk i would love to hear her story.

Nelly and Nepoleon

Nelly and Nepoleon came to us in Oct 2010. Nelly was a 13 year old midi shetland mare who was very underweight and had a 3 mth old foal at foot. He was perfect. She had given him everything and by everything where she was not getting enough food she had used all her fat reserves and then everything else to produce milk for him. She was so badly worm infested and covered in lice that the worms had manifested into something so nasty it was hard to get rid of but after alot or worm counts etc she finally crossed that line.

Riddles and Mickey's road to recovery

Riddles and Mickey came to us back in April of 2011. We came across them by accident but what a lucky accident that was! We were looking for a shetland and saw an advertisement (should of known better) and went to go and see it. We pulled up in an area that i cannot say too much about. All i can say is there were many skinny and neglected cobs. The people knew we had money on us being we were actively seeking a shetland..... As we drove in there was a blue roan yearling shut and wedged between cattle gates with wild eyes full of fear and his body was so thin and his hair standing on end.

Jacks road to recovery

Jack the lad came to us in Feb 2010. He was barely 6 months old and literally dieing in front of us. He was put into a sling for 6 weeks with 24 hour care. The vet came out twice to put him to sleep as his body was shutting down but where he showed some fight left in him he was given another chance. He is such a fighter. He had a severe worm infestation as well as the severe neglect. He had organ damage from this. He had worn his baby teeth down to the gum line from trying to eat anything in his path to survive.
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