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2012's final numbers..

Its been one long year for 2012. I sat and worked out numbers last night as i knew it had been a busy year but had no idea how busy til i did this! Here goes:
58 horses and ponies came through the gates.
49 horses and ponies were rehomed.
7 went to rainbow bridge from the yard.
4 left to rainbow bridge in the homes that they had found but at least they had been loved and well cared for and repsected.
We still had 40 horses in at the yard.
Already even though only the 11th of Jan in 2013 we have rehomed 3 and have 4 more due to leave within the next 2 weeks.

A brief update :o))

We have gone up to 32 horses and ponies in the yard now. We had 4 in the weekend before Christmas. Charlie came from a lovely lady called Leigh who could no longer ride thru medical reasons. We travelled over 100 miles there and back to collect him but for leigh we would of travelled further as shes such a lovelly lady. Then on the sunday we were collecting 2 mares that we were told needed re homing as the man who owned them had lost his stabling. It took 3 hours and sedating one and the will power of the ladies in the yard to help load these two and then we were called back the same day in the afternoon to collect a foal that had been left there.

The first block is up!!!

The workmen have been very hard at work and now we have one completed block of 8 stables!!! All the horses are happy and content :o) The next block has been started with the foundations so that more will be in by Wed and then the final 3 stables and field shelter on the friday :o)) Here are some pics of some contented horses :o))

The stables are going up!!

we are all excited here as we have been waiting for ages for the stables to arrive and more importantly go up! Work started on the 5/12/11 and as from last night the first block of 8 was nearly completed!!! We have another block of 8 going to start going up today or tomorrow and then the block of 3 and field shelter for jack :o) One more field shelter will arrive but we are not sure when. The founder sold her house for us to have these as the horses are her and our main concern. They are always safe here as where the founder owns the land there will never be an eviction. I will add some photos on the next blog for the stables!!!

Winter Appeal

Wish List for the horses and ponies for the winter of 2011 to 2012
Please help us to help the horses you don't have to donate these items but the money towards these items would be greatly appreciated. If you go to the donate page and click the donate button and even if you donate just a little we and the horses really do appreciate it. Thank you.
Hay bales (we pay £20 to £25 for large square bales)
Straw (roughly £15 for one big bale)
Pony nuts
Simple system red/green bags and top nosh (only from simple system itself.

Our founders great sacrifice......

Here at Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary our motto is all horses deserve that second chance. Most horses that come through our gates really do need that chance. They can be walking skeletons from neglect to naughty from being misunderstood. We are now even lately having horses coming in that are so loved but money is tight and can no longer be afforded. We do take these horses where as most rescue centers will not. We always have that safety blanket with all our horses that we own our land out right. We also have a safety net for all the horses that do find a forever home through us that they remain the property at all times of Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary as we never under any circumstances sell any they are here for life even if they do go out for re homing. The contracts are yearly when they go out so that the horses and people have security. We also do checks every 4 to 6 weeks including the odd random one. We don't tolerate abuse to the horses in any way as we are their safe haven. Their happiness and care is of the upmost importance. So much so that the founder sold her house lately. There was a fire next door to them and they were lucky to make it out. It was only smoke damage luckily but both Pauline and Micheal who started this all decided they do not want to go back to the house so brought a tiny caravan and lived with the horses and ponies as we need someone there 24/7. The house got sold at a loss but it has done so much good. We have 19 new stables going up! The ground is being repaired and the first lot go up on the 5th of december. As soon as they go up the golden oldies come in first!! Its not just stables that the house has supplied its hay for the winter. We currently use £250 a week on hay. Thats why we are always asking for donations we desperately need them as the house money is slowly going. These people are amazing and i am proud to be their daughter and volunteer yard manager. The horses and ponies are family and always will be. Thank you for reading this :o)
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